About Us


Welcome on the site of Tinkerbell Toystore Amsterdam. We sell wooden and traditional toys as well as science and discovery toys. Enchanting Christmas Gifts and Seasons presents... Be amazed by all the fun and products we have to offer you. Inspired? Then book a trip to Amsterdam and visit our toystore and all the musea nearby. Or simply order the products you like in our on-line shop.

Questions about delivery conditions and costs? Simply send the contactform.

A Wonderful World to Explore

TinkerBell Toystore Amsterdam is a cheerful shop that sells toys to suit every age - toys that challenge children to use their imagination, test their skills, and explore new ground, in short, toys that will guarantee hours of fun.

For babies and small children, TinkerBell stocks toys that are well-designed, well-built, and nice to hold and play with - toys that stimulate the senses, and encourage children to explore the outside world.

In our Discovery Shop, there's a large selection of technical toys for children aged 6 to 14, including magnifying glasses, binoculars, maps for exploring nature, optical gimmicks, physics tests, brainteasers, and books about animals, knights or the Milky Way

If you're slightly older, but haven't forgotten the art of playing, Tinker Bell also has plenty in store for you.Classic Christmas gifts and presents. Wooden Trains, dolls & houses Enchanting Swiss Music boxes. Arts & Crafts puzzles

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